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obama with a staunch defense of his health care program had an interesting take on his relationship with vladimir putin. a live report ahead. >>> in the wilderness. a new search in the kidnapping suspect and the 16-year-old who disappeared with him. >>> dramatic and deadly. floodwaters and drenching rain sweeping parts of this country. will the dangerous weather hit you today? >>> are you more or less inclined to grab a burger now? >>> good morning and welcome to "weekends with alex witt". we have breaking news overnight from sandy hook, california. police have confirmed that the body of a child discovered inside the charred fire of a home set on fire last weekend belongsen to 8-year-old ethan anderson. the remains of his mother were also in that home. james lee i did mantleeo is suspected of kidnapping 16-year-old hannah anderson. his car has been located in idaho. a report from san diego a bit later on this hour. >>> the day's other story, in a matter of hours, president obama will be in orlando, florida. it comes on the heels of a wide-ranging news conference a day before he begi
obama has asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingencies. we have done that. and again, we are prepared to exercise whatever option, if he decides to employ one of those options. >> we have two reports on these new developments. nbc news's kristen welker and amaa reporter also. >>> what's the latest and what are the options being considered. >> reporter: the white house, you're absolutely right, saying there's little doubt that chemical weapons were being used by the assad regime. they're reacting to the fact that the syrian government will let u.n. inspectors into the alleged site of the chemical weapons attack. the white house expressing concern that it could be too little too late. they say that area has been shelled for five straight days. here's a statement from the administration, an administration official, that we just got this morning. this avenue says, quote, at this juncture, any belated decision by the regime to gran access would be considered to late to be credible including because the evidence available has been significantly corrupted as a res
. . >>> new this morning, president obama remains steadfast on pushing his economic plan for the middleclass. >> what we're lacking is action from washington. and that's why in addition to proposing ideas we know will grow our economy, i put forward a strategy for breaking through the washington l. >> house republicans pushed through legislation that would prevent the irs from implementing the foo affordable care act, the 40th time the house has voted on an appeal that would replace obama care. in minutes, we'll get reaction from washington, to congress's recess and health care vote. >>> new information in the case of a massive outbreak of a stomach illness. fda conforms a link between a salad mix ridge nating in mexico and psych low spore ra outbreak. >>> time warner cable has dropped cbs in about eight markets including new york, los angeles, and dallas. the cable network is owned by cbs, including showtime and tmc. they have also gone dark. it happened after both companies failed to reach a deadline last night. they're trying to extend their contract. cbs wants to raise the fees as much a
through the end of the month. no word on how long the embassy closures will last. president obama will continue to be briefed. he's playing a round of golf today. we're told he was updated before he left to do that. state department officials are urging anyone who might be considering traveling overseas to log onto their website first. >> thanks so much for that. joining me right now nbc news counter terrorism michael lighter who are ran the counter terrorism center during the bush and obama administration and also the point man inside the white house on threats like this. michael with a welcome to you and your experience, what type of threat would cause such massive closures? >> good morning. this is different from what a lot of threats looked like. it's very fragmented information you have to piece together. you're not sure if there's anything there. this is really much more specific. there's an actual threat coming from al qaeda. they don't know exactly where it is. in that sense they can take protective measures immediately for the embassy and travel alert. the question will b
. back here at home president obama is preparing for a busy week ahead as he embarks on the next phase of the economic push for the middle class. chris w-a good sunday to you, let's talk about the president's plans this week. what does he have on the agenda? >> reporter: good afternoon. he heads home this evening. among the topics of discussion will undoubtedly will be egypt. on tuesday things get light at the white house. president obama inactivities the 1972 miami dolphins who had a perfect season by the way that year to the white house. they were never recognized back in '73 when they actually won the super bowl at that point in time. former president richard nixon was immersed in the watergate scandal. at the end of the week president obama shifts his focus back to domestic policy, the economy. we'll hit the road for a two day bus tour. he'll head to buffalo, syracuse, binghampton, scranton where he'll be joined by vice president biden. he'll talk about college affordability. this is part of his broader goal of teeing up the fall budget battles with republicans. he already made sev
intelligence. >>> kristen welker is in martha vineyards where president obama is vacationing. what are lawmakers saying to you about this latest threat? >> reporter: alex, good day to you. lawmakers seem to be on the same page. closing the 19 embassies was the right move because it pointed to the fact that al qaeda was planning either one large explosion or a series of explosions. here's a little bit more on that from congressman peter king. take a listen. >> the intelligence that i saw here was at least as powerful as anything i've seen since 9/11, probably the closest would be the liquid explosive plot out of london in 2006. but this was very credible. it was corroborated and spoke of a massive attack and to me was the right thing to do. >> now, alex, some republicans did use the closure of those 19 embassies to attack president obama's foreign policy center. john mccain making a point that the peninsula has gotten much stronger in recent years and also argue that it's an indication that president obama hasn't been strong enough in terms of combatting that growing presence and th
could be the fallout? meanwhile, president obama getting pushback from overseas. we will tell you what one world leader is saying. and here in the u.s., protests already springing up across this country, with more planned for today. hello, everyone. it is high noon here in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." senior aides telling nbc news the white house is holding conference calls to brief senators on syria, possibly one of the last pieces of business before a military strike. nbc news has also learned all members of the house are invited to an in-person classified briefing on syria. it is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. meantime, one key democratic lawmaker tells msnbc he would like more information from the obama administration ahead of any potential strike. here's what congressman gregory meeks told me today. >> the facts are what the facts are. let us see what the facts are, let us make sure that we can relate those facts to all of the allies and to nato, et cetera, to get everybody on board. there's no need to rush into it. let the facts come out
in the suspect. >>> president obama with a message to war vets this hour. he will talk about the shocking backlog facing the military today. this is a live picture. >>> dramatic and deadly. flood waters sweeping across large parts of the country. >>> stop the presses? really stop them. does the sale signal the end of newspapers? >>> it's high noon in the east. first we go to this developing news. police may have their first solid lead in the search of a missing california girl and her alleged abductor. they have located the car belongs to james lee dimaggio. this is after a sighting of the couple in the remote wilderness area. investigators believe he was infatuated with that 16-year-old and might have been the motive to kidnapping her. she's suspected of murder and arson. joining me from cascade, idaho, l.a. times reporter. a good day to you. what do you know about the location of this car and the last reported sighting of these two. >> reporter: we're about an hour and a half north of boise now in a town called kcascade. our understanding is the car was spotted about 30 to 40 miles from here. t
at the bottom of the hour dennis ross will weigh in. >>> president obama is calling on for congressional republicans for letting the government shut down. >> they're having debate between hurting americans who will no longer be denied affordable health care and harming the economy and millions of americans in the process. many republicans are more concerned with how badly this debate will hurt them politically then how badly it will hurt the country. >> kristen welker, good day to you. what is the president saying about the upcoming implementation of obama care. >> reporter: the president is acknowledging there may be bumps in the road but arguing it will be better for the american people once it is implemented. alex, he's really on defense here. republicans have seize second-degree on the fact there's been some challenges to implementation including the recent announcement that the employer mandate would be delayed by a year. by delaying that employer man at a time it could drive up costs for small businesses. what you are seeing more broadly is a preview to the fall budget battles. pre
in certain school districts. we have to watch out for that. yesterday president obama was talking about early child care. what message are we sending to young people in america when your school doesn't get fully resourced, when we have a political party that attacks teachers, that finds problems with public education instead of mending the fences and realizing that every child in america has the potential to learn if we are the professionals and make sure that the schools are resourced. >> of course, public education has been the engine for social mobility in america. without it there is no possibility of moving. >> the main thing here is that we need to send a message to the next generation that this fight is not over, that income and equality and equality in schools still has to be achieved because that is the key to closing the gap. you're not going to close the gap overnight when it comes to income and equality. >> hold for me just one moment. murley evers is addressing the crowd now, the widow of medgar evers. >> unfortunately for me i was unable to make the first march on washington and
president obama met with national security staff on friday. the president is considering a limited and narrow response. >> the world has an obligation to make sure that we maintain the norm against the use of chemical weapons. now, i have not made a final decision about various actions that might be taken to help enforce. >> the u.n. inspectors in syria left already, arriving in lebanon a little bit earlier today. last night, senator john mccain appeared on the "tonight show" and spoke about what needs to be done. >> the runways, the six airfields assad uses, i prevent him from using air power. i would get the weapons to the people who are fighting and dying as we speak. and i would probably get a safe zone so that they could go in and out of. by the way, you could do the that in one day. >> several protests were held against any u.s. action in syria. half americans believe the u.s. should not intervene. we begin with kristin welker at the white house. good morning. is this the last piece of business for clearing the way, this call of republican senators today? >> well, the certain
. p.j. crowley, i always appreciate your insights. >>> new this morning, president obama is calling out congressional republicans, letting the government shut down the implementation of the affordable care act. >> they're having a debate over hurting americans who will no longer be denied affordable health care because they have been sick and harming the economy of millions of americans in the process. many republicans are more concerned with how badly this debate will hurt them politically than they are with how badly it will hurt the country. >>> with a good morning to you, kristen, besides taking aim at the gop, what is the president saying about the upcoming implementation of obama care? >> well, alex, president obama defending his health care law. of course there was the delay of the employer man tate. he is making the case that ultimately this will be better into the majority of americans. he's also defending his health care law, amid calls to some republicans to shut down the government over defunding the health care law. we heard echoes of that in the republican weekly addre
and meetings that occur today. president obama due back a little bit later on this afternoon. but, alex, one of the reasons that lawmakers are so concerned, you heard them talk about it, the threat is specific, it is credible. u.s. officials telling me they are bracing for what could be a large attack that has been planned. take a listen to what one lawmaker had to say this morning. >> obviously we don't know where the location is. that's part of the problem, but what we have heard is some specifics on on what's intended to be done and some individuals who are making plans such as we saw before 9/11. whether they're going to be suicide vests that are going to be used or whether they're planning on vehicle-borne bombs being carried into an area, we don't know. >> now that was saxby chambliss on "meet the press." other u.s. officials tell us this intelligence is coming from stepped-up chatter and other sources of information, as well, alex and really it's not just specific to u.s. interests. it's really a target against the wider western world, so we know that france, britain, germany have all
to change this country for the better still lives on. and that's something the president, president obama reflected on during an event at a university in upstate new york earlier today. >> 50 years after the march on washington and i have a dream speech, obviously, we made enormous strides. i'm a testament to it, you're a testament to it. the diversity of this room and, you know, the students that are here is a testimony to it. and that impulse towards making sure everybody gets a fair shot is one that found expression in the civil rights movement and then spread to include latinos and immigrants and gays and lesbians and what's wonderful to watch is that the younger generation seems, each generation seems wiser in terms of wanting to treat people fairly and do the right thing and not discriminate. and that's a great victory that we should all be very proud of. on the other hand, i think what we've also seen is the legacy of discrimination, slivery, jim cro crowe, has meant that, you know, some of the institutional barriers for success for a lot of groups still exist. >> a lot still exist
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)